Sojourner Brother

Who are you?

We are a tech social enterprise offering software-as-a-service to employers and migrant workers

Our goal is for all migrant workers to escape poverty through positive employment outcomes!

What do you do?

We enable employers to pay salary & make decisions faster, better, cheaper!

We finance worker’s earned salary in advance and employer repays us back 4 weeks later – this improves employer and worker’s cashflow

We collate affordable and quality lodging options, food caterers, insurance plans for employers to make better decisions for their workers

We help migrant workers track their salary and access healthcare when needed!

We give workers control & ability to track their worked hours & earned salary digitally – provides assurance to worker in event of salary disputes.

We offer easy instalment financing for workers to have peace of mind when getting outpatient treatment

What is your end goal?

Helping Employers; Helps Migrant Workers

Sojourner Brother is successful when hard-working migrants get paid their salary accurately and with dignity, where migrants’ health is promoted and protected

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